Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Changes coming to The Art of Transformation!

I’m making changes to this blog — it’s been the “poor relation” of my art life, receiving occasional recognition, but never serious attention.

I’m going to fix that. It’s time to transform The Art of Transformation!

I intend to use this venue to address some of the issues artists face — especially artists for whom art is a Journey to Discover the Self.

I have been an artist on a Journey of Self-Discovery for a very long time — longer than I even knew I was an artist!

I can’t tell you how to do it — but I can tell you how I’ve done it [and am still doing it!] and share the help I’ve received along the way.

I want to talk about, and share, resources available to you, and tips for making the most of your journey. I want to show you that your Self is not missing — it’s only hidden behind the masques you’ve worn as Self-protection. My Self was hidden for forty years behind protective walls and body armour. Believe me — if I could find my way out, so can you. And you will have guidance, and a compass, to assist you!

So join me, won’t you, on the Self-discovery Trail.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Plastic Bag Art & Couture

Thanks to LoriZ for bringing this transformative art to my attention!

George Pricordeau creates art from plastic bags. Truly. He has a gift for design and colour, transforming what would otherwise become landfill and elevating it to art.

What kind of art, you may ask. George’s art runs from paintings to sculptures to haute couture. I was particularly taken with his gorgeous clothing, handbags, and hats!

We can do this too! Please help save the planet by using sustainable, reuseable bags and transforming our rubbish into art! You’ll be glad you did!