Wednesday, 16 May 2007

International Freedom From Self-Improvement Day is Here!

Take today, and the rest of this week, as a holiday from self-improvement. Get in on the action here

This week, instead of improving myself so I can make art, I am just going ahead and making the art. Presently I am up to my elbows in decorative paper-making, enjoying being good enough just as I am!

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Christina said...

Found your blog because of your letter to Authentic Promotion® Volume 9, No. 14 • May 30, 2007 from the GREAT Molly Gordon.

I work with artists (and others) I'm wondering, given your background and talents if you would have interest in HOSTING an Authentic Promotion workshop specifically targeted to artists in your venue. Might be a way to pay for your own Authentic Promotion course and benefit others as well.

Artists have such special needs. This might be all a timing issue.

deepest regards,