Friday, 25 July 2008

Art Every Day

It’s 25 July, and so far I have made art every day this month! Whether making cards welcoming, farewelling, or celebrating work colleagues, magnetic poetry inchies for swaps, or jewelery to benefit the library cats, I have spent part of every day in July making art.

It’s been enlivening, gratifying, and FUN!

It’s amazing how much time I can find for arting, when I’m truly committed. Oh, I’ve moaned and groaned about how terribly busy I am, and I am! But this one small commitment has changed my life, and so much for the better!

There’s less than a week left to my commitment to make art every day, but I sincerely hope that it has now become a habit, and that I will find myself continuing without the contract!

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Gary Roma said...


I was wondering if the library cats you mentioned in your post are listed on my Library Cats Map at If not, could you please let me know the library to which you were referring? I'd like to add these cats to the list. Thanks!

Gary Roma
Iron Frog Productions