Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Makin’ More Art!

I got tired of making Resolutions and Intentions to Make More Art — so I just started Makin’ More Art!

I’m taking 2 online courses: Stencilry with Mary Ann Moss, [closed]

and AB101 with Elizabeth, [closed]

so have been Playing and Experimenting and Messing About! And I’m having more fun than a pile of kittens with a ball of yarn!

I’m Pushing my Envelope in Myriad Ways — I try not to Think about it so I don’t seize up ;-)

Check out my flickr for more pix.


Mixed Media Martyr said...

Love your stencil art! I want to have a go at that! Have to hunt out some old spray cans!!!

Caroline said...

Oh I love your stencil work... I must get on with my homework for that class now!

Apple said...

Awesome stencil work!! :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE the stencil art!

Anonymous said...

DUH! Reading backwards and found the information...those stencils are wonderful!