Sunday, 10 May 2009

New Stencils!

Yesterday the gales died down a bit, and I grabbed the opportunity to test my new stencils :-D

I only got one sheet sprayed before my fingers iced up, but here it is:

This includes three of Gary Reef’s birds, my newspaper dancer, my chrysanthemum, and my plum blossom. I also tested several new doilies.

Before testing my handcut stencils I cast a set of plastic letters and numbers across the sheet and sprayed over them. I shot the resulting white letterforms with my New Colours: orange, turquoise, and purple!

Haven’t decided what to do with this just yet.


kiwicarole said...

love the birds! Nice work Nona!

Caroline said...

Great stencilling - I'm also amused as I've done a white crow... :-)

Love those new colours - they light the page up.

Rosie said...

Nona - these are awesome. I am so rubbish at cutting stencils - I love Garys' birds... I now have stencil-envy - go you!

Michelle said...

Great piece! I love the layering look that only stenciling can create!