Friday, 10 October 2008

My art-jewelry shop is Launched!

The newest art-jewelry collection online, Funky Body Décor was launched today at

Your one-stop-shop to Get Décorated, Funky Body Décor offers you an exclusive selection of absolutely unique, fresh, unconventional art jewelry to decorate your body! From surprising charm bracelets that double as necklaces, to eye-catching earrings and brooches, FBD’s clever and unusual offerings are sure to cause comment wherever you wear them.

New items are being added daily, so be sure to check in regularly!


Margaret said...

Hi Nona
The new collection looks awesome, good luck with your online sales! Love your altered work! Margaret

Nona Parry said...

Thanks so much, Margaret! I've had a lot of fun with them!
I very much enjoyed the eye-candy on your blog -- and hooted over poor Mrs Gilroy!

Me said...

hi nona,
so glad to saw your blog.

i have made a blog about jewelry... try to sell this. want to add my salary :D

how about u? make your self the art of jewelry?

nice to see u..