Monday, 29 September 2008

Crafting for Cats leads to online shop!

The University library, where I work a day-job to support my art habit, had two resident cats. Tessa has now gone to the great scratching post in the sky, but she was still in good spirits and supervising the workroom at the time my tale begins.

Library staff regularly donated funds from their meagre wages to keep the cats fed and vetted, but when Sandy was diagnosed with diabetes, the vet bills got out-of-hand. One of my colleagues suggested a craft fair to benefit the cats, and Crafting & Cakes for Cats was born.

I had recently begun making and wearing some rather unusual charm bracelets, which attracted the attention of my co-workers, so I thought that jewellery might sell. Thinking small, I made several dozen pairs of cat-themed earrings, and a bunch of cat-themed brooches, most of which sold the first day! During the following week I was asked for additional pairs of earrings and brooches, bringing my total contribution to the cats to over $300!

I was dead chuffed! My confidence was so boosted that I decided to offer my wild & unique jewellery online!

My new shop, Funky Body Décor, is set to launch on 10 October! You can check out pre-launch happenings at its blog, funkybodydecor.blogspot.

Here are a few of the items I made for Crafting for Cats:


kiwicarole said...

Right on! You're back! Love your earrings! (as you already know haha) But the button ones are very cute! I enjoyed the video. Catch up with you soon, keep well, ;)Carole

Lori Z. said...

Nona, these are absolutely fantastic! So sorry I haven't been to your blog in a while and missed this. No WONDER they sold so quickly and lead you to dive into the funky jewelry biz!

polinka said...

sooo cute!! :)