Sunday, 28 September 2008

Feeling Great about Art!

Today I finally got around to reading the documents that resulted from the recent panel I participated in, “Mapping the Future of the Arts in Wellington”, and boy am I excited! Participants from all the Arts, including practitioners and members of arts organisations, got together in multiple sessions over the course of a week, to determine the Big Questions that need to be asked and answered in order to effectively grow the Arts in Wellington.

To my surprise, the needs that were identified by visual artists, musicians, writers, performers, and indigenous artists were amazingly Similar!

If artists and arts organisations can work together to create a central hub to disseminate information, offer networking, mentoring, exhibiting, and performing opportunities, and centralise resources and marketing, Wellington City could become, in fact, the arts capital of New Zealand!

Then, while tidying my desktop, I came across a note to watch this video. WOW! I highly recommend that Every artist and artist-wannabe watch it! What a great time this is to be an artist!

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