Monday, 22 September 2008

From the Sublime to the Ridiculous

After a month of daily arting in July, August came as a dreadful shock! I actually had so much paid work in hand, all of it “urgent”, that I made not Scrap One of art until 30 Aug!!

Now September’s nearly gone, with the Promise of Spring at her heels.

And what have I to show for it? Well, I learned InDesign by my usual method: Trial by Fire. I had a bookcover to design for one client, and a manuscript to typeset for another, and both were required “Instanter”. The bookcover was relatively straightforward, but the manuscript used more than a dozen non-Latin typefaces!

Then I bought an online shop. I had decided to offer my unusual art jewellery for sale, and fell for the “Only Seven Easy Steps” line. Six frustrating weeks later, the site is still not live, and I have serious doubts I will be able to configure an American shopping cart to charge New Zealand dollars. Of course, while setting up the shop, I wasn’t making more art.

That was when I allowed myself to be strong-armed into co-moderating a Yahoo group. About Art. It’s a great group! don’t get me wrong! I just am a bit stressed with other issues.

Like, I need an electrician! There are now Four places in my house where the electric does not work! I also need an arborist! The holly I sawed down and poisoned ten years ago has reached two meters tall, and the sycamore definitely needs desexing. But my neighbours want to chop down the pohutukawa trees on Our property that provide the sole bit of summer shade to the deck and hold the front garden from falling into Their property. Oh, and I need a woodchipper! I have four square meters of brush spread across the deck, which I’d like to clear for sitting on.

Fortunately, it’s time to walk down the hill in the waning sunshine to my Pilates class. There, the tension and frustration will drain from me, and by 6pm I will be a New Woman!

And, with the bus drivers on strike, I will then be free to take the waewae express back up the hill to home, and call it exercise ;-)

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Lori Z. said...

Strong armed!!?? My dear, you KNOW you love the Yahoo group moderating! ;-) Thanks again for pitching in and offering SO much of yourself.